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Auto Accident 2.12.2022

What are Your Plans During The Holidays? Take a Few Steps Now to Avoid Traffic Accidents

Your holiday plans throughout the year can have a big impact on your risk being involved in car accidents during each of the holidays during the year. At each holiday time, a number of factors can mean an increased risk of being in car accidents. These factors include busier streets, heavier traffic, and fast paced hectic schedules all play a role in causing the car collision. As we approach holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, all of these with the added anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic or the annual flu season, can mean drivers are tired, distracted or suffer from illness behind the wheel of a car. In addition, alcohol drinking spikes during the holidays, which serve as a powder keg at many holiday events, making drinking and driving an increased danger to motorists across the country.

If you live in Wayne County, Oakland County, and Macomb County where the Michigan population is disproportionately concentrated in those cities like Detroit, Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy, Southfield, Livonia or anywhere else in Michigan, you will want to plan ahead in a few specific ways:

  • Make a plan for shopping and holiday errands. Running holiday errands such as shopping can be distracting and can lead to distracted driving accidents. Consider grouping errands in the same location rather than driving back and forth across the county. Or think about combining some of your daily errands with others or using online services ordering services to save you some driving time and risk taking on the road.
  • Make plans ahead for holiday parties or events. Take out your calendar ahead of time to look at the holiday events you have coming up. Are you traveling some distance to see family? Will you be hosting parties or events, going to office holiday get togethers or have plans for extra shopping spree at the local mall? Many of these activities will involve car driving or motor vehicle transportation at some point and it can be useful to plan ahead of your trips. You should know ahead of time how you are getting to every party or event and consider using public transit or carpooling to reduce your risk of fatigued or drunk driving.
  • Make plans ahead of time to arrive sober and safe. Pick a designated driver and keep some money handy for cabs and understand the rideshare services available and drive carpool services available in your community. Before you start drinking, have a solid limit plan or plan for alternative transportation if you drink alcohol so you can be easily avoid getting in a car after you are intoxicated.
  • Make sure your car is properly maintained. The holidays generally mean that extra wear and tear on your car as you drive to see friends and family and as you run family errands. Get a car tested and inspected for the holiday season to ensure your car is safe to drive, especially if you’ll be driving long distances to see friends and family.
  • Always make New Year’s Eve arrangements for transportation. If your celebrations include any alcohol, consider booking an Uber, Lyft, or designated driver, or hotel room now. New Year’s Eve celebrations are very busy for everyone and if you wait until the last minute, it may take a long time to wait for a taxi or other rideshare back to your home. You should make it a priority to find alternative safe transportation to ring in the New Year so you can reduce your risk of a DUI accident in Detroit Areas or your community.

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