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Auto Accident 2.12.2022

Planning a Romantic Dinner? How To Avoid Car Collisions

At this early time of year, many couples are planning their romantic rendezvous dinners or special events with a loved ones. While Valentine’s Day is not traditionally associated with considerably higher rates of DUI accidents in Detroit and everywhere in Michigan, the reality is that red wine and other alcoholic drinks are often complimentary with Valentine’s Day dinners, and you still need a get-home-safe plan if you plan on having a romantic night out.

Here are some strategies for getting home safely if you’re planning a special dinner engagement with your loved one:

  1. Plan your meal before, including alcoholic drinks.
    If you’re going to a restaurant, instead of having a romantic dinner at home, carefully consider the menu and consider what you will order off the online menu, including alcoholic beverages. This lets you preplan how you will order and how much alcohol you will be consuming. You may want to appetizer and then order drinks, for example, giving you time to sober up by the time it is time to leave the restaurant.
  2. Consider hiring a rideshare driver for a better romantic evening.
    If you want a truly special Valentine’s Day without the fuss and worry driving home, order a rideshare vehicle, limo or hire a personal driver. This will add a touch of special romance and will ensure you have a safe trip, using a designated driver to get you home.
  3. Keep consumption of alcohol to minimum.
    You’ll enjoy your dinner more and you’ll be more romantic if you stay sober.
  4. Be mindful if your “buzzed” before driving.
    Valentine’s Day isn’t usually one of those holidays that tend to involve heavy drinking. However, just a few glasses of wine can lead to buzz driving, which Michigan law enforcement authorities have called just as dangerous as drunk driving. Don’t forget, even if you’re buzzed, while driving, you may still experience poor judgment, slower response time and other drunken symptoms which can lead to a car crash. It may not take as many alcoholic drinks as you belive to slow your perception and reaction time and make safe driving harder. Even if you are under the legal alcohol limit, buzzed driving can still put you and your loved one at risk.
  5. Order wine by the glass.
    Instead of ordering an entire bottle of wine with your dinner, consider ordering a glass or two maximum. Indulge in a higher-end drinks and sip your drink slowly so it lasts longer. It will feel more like a special occassion, and you’ll be consuming less alcohol, meaning you will still stay below the legal limit of .08.
  6. Have a safe way to get home.
    Even if you’re not planning on drinking too much, keep in mind it’s hard to predict what will happen on your date. Always have a few planned options to get home safely. Always have someone you can call on speed dial, keep some extra money on hand for ride share, taxis or other emergencies, and know how will get home safely from your date, if you drink.

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