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Auto Accident 2.12.2022

Difficulty Getting Insurance Company Benefits After a Car Accident

If you’re ever in a car accident in Detroit area or your Michigan community, you may assume your car insurance company will voluntarily take care of you. After all, you paid hard earned money for insurance premiums to have the no-fault auto policy and you may even have chosen your insurance company because you felt they would be good neighbors to help you in the event of a car crash. Many of them advertising they will be there for you but often break that promise, after a car accident.

Unfortunately, for many people who are in a car accident in Michigan, they find they face insurance issues in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren, Troy, Southfield or any other community. Just look at the number of times an insurance company has been sued for no-fault benefits in Michigan courts. There are many types of issues that may happen when you file your car insurance claims after a crash. Your car insurance company may claim you aren’t covered, may hire a doctor to dispute your injuries, may offer you less money than you feel you deserve or may delay paying you the amount owed. In some cases, innocent people who have been injured are even accused of exaggerating or faking injuries or an accident itself.

If you’re having any trouble with your insurance company after a car accident, contact Joseph Dedvukaj Law for a free consultation. It’s important to contact a personal injury attorney and an attorney with experience with insurance companies. A no-fault insurance attorney can review your coverage and your insurance documents to determine what is covered and payable by your auto insurance policy. Our personal injury law firm can also negotiate with your insurance company for you using legal langage it understands. Since a no-fault auto insurance attorney understands the Michigan insurance law, you can rest assured that your insurance carrier will treat you in good faith.

Laws in Michigan and across the country often prevent insurance companies from refusing to properly pay and reimburse you for no-fault PIP benefits in the event your present a valid claim. If you have a valid insurance claim for no-fault benefits and your insurance contract clearly states you should be paid, the insurance company is obligated to act in good faith and to meet their obligations under your contract. If a no-fault insurance company fails to do so, you may have a claim against that company not only for PIP benefits owed but also 12% penalty interest and no-fault attorney fees.

Looking For No-Fault Insurance Lawyers?

Joseph Dedvukaj, the founder of The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm, spent more than 27 years working for the people, fighting the insurance industry while dedicating his life to personal injury law. Joseph understands the no-fault insurance law having successfully litigated no-fault insurance claims in the courtroom. Joseph will work tirelessly on your behalf if your insurance carrier is not honoring a valid claim for personal protection insurance benefits. To find out more, contact Joseph Dedvukaj law team for a free consultation.

Contact us 24/7 for a free no obligation consultation at 248-352-2110 or toll free 1-866-477-3563 (1-866-HIRE-JOE).

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