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Auto Accident 12.06.2021

What Are the Most Common Types of Big Truck Accident Cases?

 Every day we see big rig truck in the roads throughout the United States. Big rigs are the largest and heaviest motor vehicles on our roads and highways. However, these trucks are causing a great deal of accidents that all too often result in devastating injuries or death.

These heavy trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and stretch as long as 65 feet.  Just imagine how much destruction a single semi-tractor trailer truck accident can cause, especially on a busy highway. Our law firm has handled the many types of truck accidents discussed in detail in this article. If you or a family member have been involved in a big rig truck accident, contact the big rig truck accident attorneys in Michigan!

What Is Causing Big Rig Truck Accidents?

Big rig truck accidents are common now due to the gigantic number of trucks on our roads. Due to the danger involved in driving commercial trucks there are many rules and regulations that the truck drivers neglect or ignore the standard practices that a responsible and reasonable truck driver should follow. The following are some of the rules neglected by truck drivers, which cause these devastating accidents:


Big trucks must maintain a large gap between them and the other vehicles, so they are able to come to a safe stop when necessary. Unfortunately, when a truck needs to slow down or stop, they need sufficient distance and time because of the momentum forces can be strong and the truck can crash into other vehicles easily.

Distracted Big Rig Driver

Distracted driving has become the number one cause of car accidents. The risk of a car driver to text or talk on the phone while driving has risen with mobile phones but using handheld phone by big rig truck drivers is prohibited by law. Operating big vehicle is hard enough so any additional distracted almost always results in catastrophe.

Big Rig Drunk Driving

Sometimes a big rig truck driver will get behind the wheel after having a couple drinks. Big rigs truck drivers are considered drunk with a BAC .04.

Big Rig Truck Driving With Aggression

Big rig truck drivers are known to easily get too emotional and hot-headed to handle a big rig truck. If some other driver comes too close or overtakes them, they sometimes become aggressive and try to respond with aggression. Many times, this ends badly and there is never a good reason to become aggressive behind the wheel of a big rig.

Big Rig With Too Much Cargo

According to the law, big rigs are required to follow certain cargo securement safety rules while loading a truck because the heavier the truck is, the more difficult it becomes to control the vehicle to avoid a big rig truck accident. Carrying extra weight can be itself a violation of law, but unevenly distributing the cargo create be a tipping hazard.

Big Rig Defective Components

Every truck driver is required to perform a pre-trip and post-trip safety inspection to ensure all of the brakes, tires, and systems are properly functioning before starting to operate the truck. Sometimes something as small as a defect tire or brake hose can cause many people to lose their lives.

Types of Big Rig Truck Accidents

As local driver or over the road trucker, you will tend to see big rig trucks on the roads and the highways daily. Looking at these trucks may seem to be another big-sized vehicle to you, but they play a vital role in keeping our country's economy moving.

Big rig trucks carry cargo required to fill the growing population's needs and essentials supplies for human survival. Trucks play a significant role in our daily lives, but these trucks pose a danger on the roads because truck drivers neglect many rules and ignore the safety regulations that have caused many big truck accidents over the past 50 years.

How the most common big rig truck accidents occur:

  1. Jackknife
    A jackknifed truck accident happens when a trailer turns at a 90-degree angle, when the driver hits the brakes to slow or stop. The jackknifed semi-tractor trailer can plow through everything in its path. The trailer's weight can be 50,000 pounds so the momentum and weight make the jackknifed trailer deadly, which can sometimes break away from the tractor.
  2. Big Rig Truck Wide Turn
    A big rig truck makes wide turns when a driver steers around corners. A wide turn is hard to steer because of the room needed for the big rig truck to go around a corner. The truck driver goes through a complicated technique that becomes even more dangerous in heavy traffic at the rear end because the passenger vehicles can easily get trapped, when trying to pass a wide turning truck.
  3. Big Rig Truck Tire Blowout
    Tire blowout can occur on any vehicle, at any time, and the blown tire can cause a lot of life threatening danger to other vehicles on the road. We know inexperienced truck drivers can be easy triggered to panic and become nervous when a tire blows out. If truck loses a tire, it can become airborne and the truck driver can lose control of the vehicle, causing a crash with other vehicles.
  4. Big Rig Roll Over Accident
    Big rigs have a high center of gravity because they sit high above the ground, making them easy to roll over when hitting curves at high speeds or if cargo shifts. Sometimes reckless driving and speeding can contribute to big truck roll over, which has been known to take the lives of many pedestrians and motorists.
  5. Big Rig Truck Blind Spots
    Big rig blind spots are very important to know. Blind spots on big rig trucks are large areas on either side of the rig or behind the rig, where the truck driver cannot see passenger vehicles. This condition is often referred to as "No Man's Land" since no man can notice what's going on in this area. Truck driver cannot see the cars and bikes in the blind spot switching lanes or making a turn. Cars and motorcycles can get hit or crushed in this dangerous spot.
  6. Big Rig Head-On Crash
    Sometimes passenger vehicles try passing vehicles ahead by going into oncoming traffic. Head on collisions generally cause a devastating injuries or fatalities. Drivers experience such powerful forces that they become airborne and fly through the windshield and experience serious traumatic brain injuries causing death in most cases.
  7. Big Rig Truck T-Bone
    Big trucks causing T-bone crashes is also one of the most common truck accidents to occur. It's caused when a vehicle runs a red light or fails to yield, and then collides with other vehicles or even pedestrians on the roadway. Semi-truck T-bone accidents are a perpendicular collision usually caused by drivers in hurry, risking innocent people's lives along with their own.
  8. Big Rig Runaway Trailer Crashes
    In these types of big rig truck accidents, the tractor trailer's speed increases down an incline. In some cases, the trailer can detach and run past the tractor causing the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. If the18- wheeler goes out of control everything in its path is in danger. The big truck's brakes may fail, causing the driver to panic and collide at high speeds with other vehicles sharing the road.
  9. Big Rig Lost Load
    Big rigs are designed in such a way that they are taller than other vehicles. If a truck travels at great speed and stops suddenly, this can cause the load cargo to shift in the trailer or on the flatbed trailer, making this a deadlyt big rig truck accident.
  10. Big Rig Underride Collision
    Big rigs are known to decapitate passengers of a smaller vehicle. This occurs when the passenger vehicle goes under the trailer of a big rig. Rarely, do the occupants of the passenger vehicle survive without serious injuries or death.
  11. Big Rig Rear end Truck Acciden
    Big rig drivers sometimes are going too fast for conditions or distracted to keep an assured clear distance from the rear of cars ahead of them. This results in a negligence claim if someone in the passenger car is injured. In Michigan violation of the rear end statute creates a rebuttable presumption of negligence.  

Big Rig Truck Accident Statistics:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have compiled data to show how many big rig truck accidents occurred in 2018.

  • Nearly 500,000 truck accidents occurred in the U.S.
  • In these crashes 21% of passengers sustained injuries, while 1% of the injuries were fatal.
  • In 67% of the truck accidents, the occupants of the passenger vehicles that got hit were either killed or injured the most.
  • Statistically speaking there is a 13.5% risk of being involved in big rig truck accidents for everyone million U.S citizens.
  • During 2009 to 2018, the risk of being in a big rig truck accident went up 31% in America.

What You Need To Know After a Big Rig Truck Accident?

After a car accident, the injured passengers usually sue or make a claim for compensation. However, after a truck  accident, the injuries are usually severe, and the insurance policy is too small to cover for the loss. Here are some things to know if you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident.

Truck Driver Rules and Regulations Are Different

Keep in mind truck drivers have different rules and regulations to follow in addition to the everyday traffic laws. One of the important rules includes that a truck driver is limited to maximum of 10 hours in which he or she can drive. If the big rig truck driver goes beyond the limit when you are hit in your vehicle, the chances are he was sleepy or fatigued. Truck drivers are also required to make sure the rig has regular maintenance and inspection before placing the big rig on the road.

Check Big Rig Truck Electronics After Accident

All modern trucks are now equipped with EDR (electronic data recorders) and digital tracking systems that give information about the truck's speed, location, steering input, velocity, braking, and acceleration. In other words, the electronics monitor and look out for every truck operating component. You should get your hands on the trucks recorder before its erased or destroyed. Your experienced big rig truck accident lawyer will know how to secure the EDR information.  

In many case, big rig truck driver is not the owner. The big rig trucks can be the property of big companies and commercial carriers represented by corporate lawyers and powerful insurance companies. The lawyers are well aware that truck accidents are very different from car accidents as they are more dangerous and can cause devasting injuries. Usually, the claims can cost them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, so they do everything to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

What Causes These Big Rig Truck Accidents?

Apart from the truck drivers' error and poor judgment, many natural factors can contribute to these car accidents. In Michigan the truck driver is legally required to adjust driving behavior for some of those contributing factors, which could include the following:

Weather Conditions

Handling a big rig is different than a car on a snowy or rainy days. The truck needs more time and distance to stop because of its size and mass. Truck drivers faced with severe weather conditions in ice, rain, snow, fog, and heavy winds can easily cause a preventable crash by simply reducing speed or if severe enough getting off the road.

Poorly Constructed Roads

Big rig trucks can encounter difficulty driving over potholes, uphill, downhill, or curves. The trucks dynamics are severely affected when driving in these poor road conditions, which can be a hazard if caution is not used, and speed is not reduced.

Heavy Winds

Big rig trucks can be severely affected by heavy winds or wind gusts because the trailer attached to the cab can easily be blown away from its lane, and it becomes impossible for the driver to control. The truck and trailer can jackknife and collide with other passenger vehicles.

Truck Driver Unfamiliar With the Roads

Truck drivers believe it or not can get lost even with GPS system. In these instances, the truck driver is unaware that the location turns into a road too narrow, curved, or rough road, increasing the risk of an accident.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

If you are a victim of a truck accident that injured you and wrecked your life,  contact the truck accident attorneys at The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm. We have extensive knowledge and experience about big rig truck accidents. Our truck accident attorneys are well aware of every truck driving law and regulation that will help you win your case.

Call An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer To Learn About Your Rights

Big truck accidents are a reality of life, and your rights are to hold those accountable not only for yourself but for the motoring public. Call us today for a free consultation at 248-352-2110 or toll free 866-HIRE-JOE with a truck accident lawyer in Michigan.

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