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Auto Accident 12.07.2021

Snow Plow Truck Injury?

Michigan is known to have nasty snow fall in the winter. Our Great State of Michigan heavily relies on snowplows to help clear the roads and salt to keep us going to work and safe. What are your rights if you are hurt in an accident with a snow plow truck? What you need to know about your legal rights is right here. Call us today at 248-352-2110 or toll free at 866-HIRE-JOE for your free consultation.
Causes of Snow Plow Accidents in Michigan

Michigan winter weather can be treacherous for pedestrians and motorists alike. Snow, slush, and ice can make slippery conditions on our roads dangerous, which can make it slippery and difficult to maintain control of a vehicle, even for the most seasoned driver. Snow can affect visibility when falling or blowing around, or you are caught driving in a snowstorm. Winter snow is known to make it difficult to see dividing lines for lanes, travel lanes, signs, and see vehicles in front of you.

Despite their bright color and large size, snow plow trucks can be difficult to see in blizzard or whiteout conditions. Over the years, the Michigan Department of transportation has learned about the hazard and the unfortunate rising number of car accidents involving snow plows, so they have painted the snow plow trucks bright orange and installed flashing lights to make them more visible to drivers.

Michigan No-Fault Laws and Snow Plow Accidents

Snow Plow Truck Injury?

Michigan residents who are hurt after a collision with a snowplow can seek compensation for their injuries through their own auto insurance if they have no-fault auto insurance required by Michigan law. No-fault benefits will cover your medical expenses, wage loss, household services, and other financial expenses related to the wreck, no matter who is at fault for the snowplow accident. In other words, you may be entitled to personal injury protection benefits even if you are totally at fault.

In Michigan, there is no guarantee the auto insurer will pay no-fault insurance, benefits which you may be entitled to receive. The car insurance is in the business of keeping the premium to make money, even though you may have paid for many years. You see if they don’t pay you they get to keep your money. Getting a trained lawyer to represent you during your insurance claims process can improve your chances of securing maximum compensation.

Negligence of Snow Plow Drivers

If your snowplow accident was the fault of the snow plow driver, you may be able to sue the negligent at fault driver for your personal injury claim if your injuries meet requirements of Michigan law. In order to get paid compensation for ‘pain and suffering’, the car accident victim must have suffered from death, serious impairment of an important body function, or permanent serious disfigurement from the motor vehicle accident.

Depending on the facts of the case, you may be able to sue the plows owner or the plowing company or the driver of the snow plow for your injuries and damages that you sustained in the collision. Many municipalities and business use independent landscape companies, which can complicate who is responsible to pay you. This is actually why you need an experienced snow plow accident attorney to help you pursue your claim and answer all of your questions.

Government Owned Snow Plows

The snow plow can be owned by a city or other government entity, or the snow plowing activity can be even subcontracted work given to a local plowing company to do. You can still recover compensation for injuries or damages under these circumstances. Government owned vehicles that are negligently operated are not protected by governmental immunity. This legal defense only protects the government employee from getting sued personally for injuries caused while doing their job. However, even a “grossly negligent” driver employee can be sued when they act recklessly so as to have a substantial lack of concern for whether injury results.

Hurt? Get Legal Help from Dedvukaj Law

Snowplows are dangerous and often cause serious injuries or property damage and determining your legal options for rightful compensation can be confusing. When you’ve got questions, Dedvukaj Law has the answers. Call 866-HIRE-JOE or contact our Michigan injury lawyers for a no obligation, free consultation today.

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