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Auto Accident 12.08.2021

Improper lane change accident?

 Improper lane change is when a moving vehicle comes into one lane from the lane next to you in an unsafe manner, without signaling, or veering from one lane to the next. In Michigan it is illegal, and you can receive a ticket for making an improper or unsafe lane change. See MCLA 257.642(a). The operator of a car is required to stay within one lane and cannot move into the next lane until the driver has first determined moving into another lane can be made safely.  

When a motor vehicle driver changes lanes without signaling or goes into adjacent lanes where other vehicles are located, it can lead to devastating crash injuries or wrongful death. Talk to a Michigan car wreck lawyer if someone made an unsafe lane change and ruined your life.

What Is Considered Unsafe Lane Change? 

An unsafe lane change can occur when a driver does one of the following: 

  • Changes lanes without signaling
  • Signals after entering lane
  • Straddles two lanes, or
  • Failure to check blind spot before moving into next lane 

As you can imagine improper lane change is a common occurrence on Michigan roads, and frequently result in car accidents. Don't make a lane change too quickly because road conditions or other factors can contribute to unsafe lane changes.

Do Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Car Accident Injuries?

Yes. If you change lanes when there is not enough room to go into another occupied lane of travel, accidents can occur. Changing lanes can be unsafe for many reasons, which is why drivers are always expected to follow the rules of the road for the conditions existing.

If you change lanes under unsafe conditions or unsafe manner, your conduct can force the cars directly around you to react, but they may not be able adjust, and lead to catastrophic results. For example, when a car veers into a lane, it can cause a chain reaction car accident. If a vehicle is passing while you are changing lanes, you may clip the rear end of the passing vehicle and cause the vehicle to lose control.

What Are Some Unsafe Lane change Causes?

A majority of unsafe lane change causes are driver rushing or not checking the blind spot before changing lanes. Other factors that cause or contribute to lane change accidents are:

Get Free Auto Accident Advice From Michigan Auto Law Injury Attorneys

Unsafe lane change can be hard to see when  evaluating a crash scene, especially when you are a victim of a car, truck, bus, bicycle or motorcycle accident. At The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm, P.C., our automobile accident lawyers understand the ways this unsafe driving behavior can be proven when you are involved in a car wreck and we have been helping victims of car accidents seek compensation they deserve for nearly 30 years. If you or a family member have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, you may have a claim for significant compensation. Call 248-352-2110 or 866-HIRE-JOE to learn more about your claim or schedule a free consultation today.  

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