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CDC Finds Three Types of Distracted Driving

Most drivers have seen or  been guilty of the more common forms of distracted driving such as texting on your phone. However, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a reminder that there are three basic forms of distracted driving behavior. The CDC has identified the three as Visual, manual and cognitive types of distractions. These take your attention away from driving. Driving safely requires you to keep your eyes and mind on the task of driving.

Visual Distractions While Driving

Visual distractions are any type of distraction that takes your eyes and focus off of the road, even for a split second. For example, when adjusting vehicle InfoTech like the GPS or radio to viewing text messages on your cellphone. This is very common visual distraction behavior. Many of these distracted driving behaviors such as reading an email can actually violate all three categories of distraction, making extremely dangerous. Visual distractions can also include changing the radio, or even passing something to a backseat passenger inside your vehicle.

Manual Distractions Behind The Wheel

Manual distraction is when the driver takes the hands off of the wheel for any reason. These distractions can seem harmless, but they’re actually very dangerous. Manual distractions can include eating, drinking, adjusting radio or reaching for something in the vehicle. Some drivers we have all seen combing their hair or putting on make-up. We have the urge to multi-task while driving.

Cognitive Distractions Take Your Mind Off Driving

Cognitive distractions are exceedingly dangerous because you may feel like you’re doing everything properly. Some examples of cognitive distractions are listing to an audiobook, talking on a hands free device, daydreaming, conversation with a passenger, or simply being preoccupied with something other than driving. You need to be focused on the task of driving and be ready to react to any potential road hazard.

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