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Personal Injury 10.19.2021

How Can A Personal Injury Journal Help Me?

If you have suffered an injury caused by someone else’s fault, you should get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. Talking to your friends may seem like a good idea, but do they really know how to successfully pursue a personal injury claim. You won’t know what advice is reliable to get the best outcome and protect your legal rights to compensation.

Your future will rest in the hands of your personal injury attorneys and the advice you follow in accident claim. We always recommend to clients that a personal injury journal can be a very helpful tool as we prepare for negotiations on your behalf or presentation of your case to jury. You can learn more about personal injury journals, and when you’re ready for advice regarding your injury claim, call The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm at 248-352-2110.

What Does Personal Injury Journal Mean?

A personal injury journal is a booklet with important writing by you containing information about your life after a personal injury accident. You will keep daily notes of how your injuries have affected your life and what you are going through. It contains details about the injuries you suffered, how those impact your life on a daily basis, and how your injuries have disabled you from activities of daily living that you performed before the accident. When you hear the words “personal injury journal,” try not to think of a diary some people keep. A personal injury journal will likely end up in court as evidence, so you do not want to put your private feelings and emotions in the journal unless they are directly relating to your injury.

What Should I Put In My Personal Injury Journal?

It’s important that your personal injury journal be a clear and give enough details about the accident you suffered, how the injuries affect your daily life compared to before the accident, and how your injuries progressed. You may want to include the following in your journal:

The accident. Describe the details of the accident in an objection way. State the sequence of events, how you felt, people you talked to, and whatever happened after the accident.

Activities of Daily Living you can and cannot do each day. Write down a compare what you could do before you were injured with what you cannot do or have difficulty doing, describing pain or limitations that prevent you. The details of how an injury affected your life is crucial to your claim and you may forget things over time, so the personal injury will help you refresh your recollection.

Keep track of days missed from work or school. Write down each day or time you miss work or school due to disability, for medical appointments, or feeling so much pain.

Keep records of treatment you receive. Keep track of the doctor and medical treatments you were given. Knowing the names of all the doctors will be helpful to prove your damages.

Keep track of your medical appointments. Keep track of medical appointments and distance traveled for each appointment will help show the inconvenience you went through.

Keep track of all sports, recreation, or hobbies affected. You should write down the details of the sports, recreation, or hobbies that you would have done before the personal injury accident and how you are affected by not being able to do them.

How to Document Your Pain and Suffering?

Your injury journal should contain detailed written documentation of your pain and suffering. You could describe your pain level and described the kind of pain. You can use pain scale from 1-10 to describe the pain from morning to night. Describe the changes throughout the day and what makes the pain level better or worse. You may want to describe the kind of pain.

How Often Should I Write In The Journal? 

A journal should be kept as soon as possible on a daily basis. You may forget things later, so the journal is intended to refresh your recollection. Listen to your personal injury lawyer, who may advise in on what to write in the journal.

What Are Some Benefits For Keeping A Personal Injury Journal?

The greatest benefit for keeping a personal injury journal is being able to use the journal to refresh your recollection of things you may forget. The journal can be extremely useful tool for your personal injury claim. Jury and insurance adjusters will want to see what you are going through on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes you may freeze or tense up when you are asked questions so the journal will help you testify. Your personal injury journal will fill in details about your daily pain and limitations due to your injury and the ways in which the injuries have affected your life. The journal makes it harder for the insurance company argue against to your claim to full and fair compensation.

Get Help Today From The Best Personal Injury Lawyers 

Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, or other type of incident, the team at the Joseph Dedvukaj Firm is here to fight for you. Our extensive experience in personal injury law has helped us win favorable outcomes for thousands of clients.

Learn more about your personal injury claim now by calling us at 248-352-2110 or filling out our contact form.

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