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Auto Accident 12.13.2021

Get Your Free Michigan Car Accident Report

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You are under no obligation to hire our car accident law firm or pay us any of the costs to obtain your free traffic crash report.  Your car accident report manual can provide very important evidence when trying to recover financial compensation after a car accident. Most car insurance companies require a copy of your car accident report to process your claim. If you were injured or sustained property damage, you should know exactly what the investigating officer wrote in the police report. Police officers often times make mistakes and baseless conclusions.

Your recovery from the debilitating injuries you sustained can be difficult to cope with but obtaining your crash accident report and understanding what it means should be easy. As a free service to you, the car accident lawyers at The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm will provide you with a free traffic crash report in Michigan along with an analysis of what the police report means. We can download the police report for you if you come into our office for a free consultation. This is how you can find out what the investigating police officer said about your car accident.

We help get a copy of your accident report free as soon as possible. We can pay for your Michigan accident report at your free legal consultation after your car accident. The first page of the Michigan traffic crash report looks like this: 

Get Your Free Michigan Car Accident Report

The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm can help you understand your free accident report
       On your police report, you will find things like the time, date, location, parties involved in your crash. It will identify the police department that investigated and prepared the police report. The police report will also show the location of the county name, city name, street names and whether your crash happened at an intersection or a construction zone. If the traffic accident was fatal to someone, or involves a big commercial vehicle, a school bus or a hit-and-run driver accident, this information will also be documented in the accident report.
Important information like driver information, vehicle information and alcohol/drug test results information are also recorded by the responding or investigating police officers in the accident report.

Driver information includes:

  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Driver’s license state, number, type, and status
  • Driver’s age, ethnicity, and gender

Vehicle information includes:

  • Make, model and body style
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Identify Insurance company name and policy number

Drug/alcohol information includes:

  • Vehicle Damage rating
  • Whether a sobriety test was administered
  • Type of specimen taken e.g., breathalyzer or blood test (or if a driver refused)
  • Sobriety test results
  • Information about Witnesses
  • Information about passengers

Information about all passengers and witnesses involved in the accident is also recorded in the police report. This information includes seating position, seatbelt use, airbag deployment and whether a passenger was injured, ejected, or killed.

If ticket was issued or charges were filed against a driver, passenger, or pedestrian at the scene of the accident, his or her information (and hazardous citation number) is put in the police report.

In the same police report, law enforcement will include details about what when they came to the scene of the accident and when they were notified of the crash, and the responding officer’s name and badge number. Police officers will also record in the police accident report whether EMS arrived and where injury victims are taken to the hospital, including ambulance and hospital identification information.

If a commercial vehicle accident (such as a semi-truck or bus) was involved in the accident, details are also recorded about the type of vehicle, motor carrier information and the owner of the commercial truck. Accidents involving commercial vehicles require more information, such as motor carrier name, type of cargo, trailer information and vehicle weight. Additional driver information includes license class and transport permits. The second page of the police report is:

Get Your Free Michigan Car Accident Report

The crash narrative and diagram in the police report is used by accident investigators to record their opinion of how the accident happened, which may or may not be accurate. The investigating police may include a pictogram diagram of the accident scene and the order of events leading up to the accident and narrative. In some case, more than two vehicle or many witnesses will be listed in additional pages of the police report.

We will help you carefully review any information on your accident report to make sure it is accurate. After reviewing the police report, we can give you legal advice about your rights and what you should do to correct inaccuracies in the police accident report. Our experienced car accident lawyers at The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm can help you review your police report and go over your legal options, free of charge. Contact us today at 248-352-2110 or toll free at 866-HIRE-JOE to schedule an in person face-to-face free consultation and get your free police report.

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