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Auto Accident 12.15.2021

Michigan Dos & Don’ts of Making a Pedestrian Accident Claim

According to the CDC, every 88 minutes there is a fatal pedestrian auto accident. Additional 137,000 people traveling on foot are injured by motor vehicle type crashes are treated in emergency departments across America.

 If you were hit by a drunk, drowsy, or distracted driver while walking, you may be able to claim significant compensation for your damages. The success of your Michigan pedestrian injury claim depends on you to take the follow steps:

1. Do File a Police Report 

 You should file a police report about the accident as soon as possible. There are several important reasons to call the police for your pedestrian accident:

  • Police will investigate and document evidence on the scene
  • Police will interview and document witnesses
  • Insurance companies require police reports 

2. Do Follow Medical Advice

The nature and extent of your injuries will depend on your medical treatment after a pedestrian accident. You are required to mitigate your damages so follow the advice of your physicians. If your doctor instructs you to stay off work, you should follow that advice. You should adhere to your medical provider’s orders will generally help get better in the long run but will also show the nosy insurance adjuster that you actually took steps to get better.

3. Don’t, Post About The Accident on Social Media

Most insurance adjusters will comb through social media to see  your online activity in an effort uncover evidence to discredit your claim. You can never know how your posts will be construed about what you posted. Therefore, you are best advised to avoid posting anything about the accident or your injuries. You should also never publish anything that may provide ammunition to question the severity of your injuries or the nature and extent of the damages.

4. Do, Get An Attorney

 You will usually have difficulty navigating the law and dealing with a seasoned insurance adjuster. The adjuster has negotiations skills, but you probably don’t have the knowledge about what your case is worth or how your damages are measured so hiring your own personal injury lawyer is advisable. A knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney will help you disarm the opposing party who may take advantage of your financial situation and manipulate you into accepting less than you deserve.

5. Don’t, Give a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies are notorious about calling you for a recorded statement once they learn about your potential claim. You can be contacted by your own insurance adjuster or the adjuster representing the other motorist involved in the accident. You would be best advised to refuse being recorded because anything you can be used for and against your claim. If you make a mistake, it could be easily argued you lied and affect your credibility. If the insurance adjuster contacts you, politely refer her to your  personal injury lawyer, who will handle all communication on your behalf.

6. Do, Save All Documentation of Damages

All kinds of documentation such photographs of injuries, bruise, scraps, and receipts can help prove your damages. Obviously, the insurance company will hope you never document your damages. Therefore, always remember to save all documentation like vehicle repair estimates, photographs, videos, witness information, medical bills, health insurance statements, payroll records, and any other documents related to your pedestrian accident.

You should try to keep a daily personal injury journal. Your journal should detail how the accident happened and how your life has been changed.  Keeping documentation about the progression of your medical condition will help illustrate the affect your injuries have had on your quality of life compared to before the pedestrian accident.

Consult Now With A Michigan Pedestrian Accident Attorney

At Joseph Dedvukaj Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Lawyers, we help devasted injured pedestrians make their lives whole If you were struck by a motorist while walking on the sidewalk or within a crosswalk, we’ll help you seek the funds needed to pick up the shattered pieces of your life.

Call 248-352-2110 or toll free at 866-HIRE-JOE or complete our injury law firm Contact Form to schedule a free no obligation consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Michigan. We are confident in our ability to get you the results you deserve so we give you the no win, no fee guarantee in a picture above. 

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