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Auto Accident 1.07.2022

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There are a variety of reasons a semi-tractor trailer truck driver must properly look and see to be able to avoid causing catastrophic injuries or death to other motorists. For example, if a truck driver is carrying steel coils that become unsecured, fall into the lanes of traffic, another passing driver can be crushed by the falling cargo or hit the steel coil, leading to serious injuries or death.

Truck Driver Accident Didn’t See and Didn’t Look

Truck drivers are aware of the blind spots of for commercial vehicles. To be a safe driver the truck driver needs to know what's going on all around the large truck. Not looking properly in mirrors is a major cause of car accidents. For example, a truck driver may change lanes without looking and cause a car in the occupied lane to go under the trailer.

Truck Driver Accident Failed to Look Ahead

All truck drivers must look ahead where they are going and avoid being distracted while driving a semi-truck or semi-tractor trailer. However, many truck drivers don't look far enough ahead to see traffic jams, road work area or accidents. For example, there could be road work ahead where traffic is backed up, and the truck driver is going to fast to stop without crashing into stopped traffic.

Truck Driver Importance of Looking Far Enough Ahead

Truck drivers must look far enough ahead because stopping or changing lanes can take a lot of distance. Knowing what the traffic is doing on all sides of the truck is very important to avoid car crashes. That’s why truck drivers need to look well ahead to make sure there is room for stopping, changing lanes, or going forward in a safe manner before hitting another passenger car or truck on the road. For example, weather conditions can change ahead and if the truck driver is not looking far enough ahead, reducing speed for road conditions might be too late and result in a truck crash or multi-car truck crash pileup.

How Far Ahead Should Truck Driver Look?

Truck drivers are usually trained to look at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead in the direction they are driving. That means looking ahead the distance the truck driver will travel in 12 to 15 seconds. At lower speeds, this translates to about one city block. At highway speeds of 55 MPH, it's the equivalent of about a quarter of a mile ahead. If the truck driver is not looking far enough ahead, the truck driver may have to stop too quickly or make quick lane changes which lead to crash with cars or trucks on the road. Looking 12 to 15 seconds ahead doesn't mean not paying attention to things that are closer around the truck. Good truck drivers scan and shift their attention back and forth, near and far to leave enough distance to stop the truck or change lanes before truck hits traffic.

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