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Auto Accident 1.30.2022

How to deal with insurance company adjuster after auto accident

Given there are over 9 million cars registered in Michigan, car accidents can happen to anyone, and often leave people unsure about how to make a claim and who you trust in making a claim with the insurance company.

Not sure if dealing with insurance company’s adjuster is right thing to do. Most people making a no-fault claim find this confusing and tricky since they know the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company but gives the appearance of being on your side. However, knowing that the insurance adjuster’s goal is always to minimize your payout should make the conflict of interest crystal clear. Adjusters have marching order to keep business profits growing and some of them get bonuses based on company profits, after all.

1. What do I say to my own insurance company

You should always take advantage of the free consultation given by The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm to learn about your accident and the role of the insurance company contacting you for a recorded statement. In providing information to your insurance company after a car wreck, you are letting them question you without knowing the consequences of your answer, which could be used to minimize your compensation. In this case what you don’t know can really hurt you. In all instances, the insured must notify their car insurance carrier that they were involved in an accident, so be sure to tell them about your accident. However, the insurance company adjuster will call you after you make the initial claim of crash, to question you about how the accident happened, who was in the car, where the incident took place, whether anyone was injured, whether your vehicle sustained damage and anything else the adjuster decides to ask that could help her deny or reduce your claim. If the auto insurance carrier seeks more claim information, you should cooperate but don’t allow them to record your statement without legal counsel.

2. What information to withhold from your insurance company

Once you have decided to speak to the investigating insurance adjuster - Do not lie to your insurance company, but also be sure not to:

  • Volunteer any information
  • Accept blame or responsibility for the accident
  • Downplay your injuries

Doing any of the above will usually negatively impact your settlement offer from your own or another motor vehicle insurance carrier.

3. What information to provide the other party’s insurance company

Often times, the insurance company for the other driver involved in your car accident will call to see if they can get you to make a damaging admission. If you get the call to speak to the other driver’s insurance company adjuster investigating the crash, you are best advised to contact a car accident attorney before you discuss the accident with the adjuster. If you are contacted by anyone, you should tell them you have a lawyer and to speak with an attorney who is dealing with the carrier. Avoid the temptation to phone any other insurance companies, investigator or opposing attorneys call back is best since they trying to extract information that could be used against claimants in lawsuits.

After sustaining injuries in a car crash, no one needs additional hassle or stress to deal with insurance companies and attorneys who don’t have your best interest in mind. Most lawyers will advise you to provide insurance representatives with as little information as possible until you are speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Need A Lawyer To Deal With The Insurance Company?

If you, a friend or a loved one have been contacted by an insurance company after a car accident, you can call The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm for a FREE consultation with an experienced no-fault insurance claim lawyer before you harm your claim. Call today 1-866-HIRE-JOE or contact us through email for confidential questions and answers for all of your concerns - Free, Easy, and Reliable Legal Consultation.

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