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Personal Injury 1.22.2022

Experienced Snow Plow Accident Attorneys

 In Michigan snow plows are used to help keep our roads clear in snowy winter weather conditions, which can be extremely dangerous for vehicles on the road. If you or someone you love has been injured in a snow plow accident, make sure you hire an expert attorney for your snow accident case. Our personal injury accident law firm is familiar with many factors and parties that come into play when you crash with a large truck, so you’ll want an expert snow plow accident lawyer to lead the fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Snow plows are essentially heavy large trucks, which bring with them responsibilities and dangers you should be aware of to help protect yourself. The lawyers at Dedvukaj Law are recognized for their specialty in truck accident law. Dedvukaj Law is rated in the top 10 trucking by the National Trial Lawyers Association. The founder Joseph Dedvukaj has also been recognized as one of the Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers  by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Quicksteps for Driving Near Snow Plows

  • Give plows plenty of room. The snow plow itself can extend over the center line of the road, so keep this in mind as you navigate the road with an oncoming plow.  You should give plows plenty of room if you’re behind them too.
  • Allow plenty of extra room in between the front of your vehicle and the plow. Snow plows are known to make unexpected stops or turns. And, due to their size and limited mirror field of vision, the space directly behind the plow is a blind spot so keep stay away from the rear of the plow.
  • If you’re moving behind a snow plow, it’s a good idea to stay behind! Snow plows move at slow speeds when plowing the road. You will notice the road in front of the plow is worse than the road behind the plow. Avoid passing a snow plow, and never get in between two plows in a plow line. Don’t ever pass a plow on the right. Never assume that the plow driver can see you.
  • Always slow and keep a safe speed. Whenever plows are out clearing, chances are the roads are in less than ideal driving condition, so reduce your speed. Plows can make sudden stops and turns, and they can plow up piles of snow that limits visibility. Stay alert and budget time to reach your destination safely.

Snow Plow Accidents Are Caused By Negligence

Many things can happen to cause a snow plow accident on winter roadways. With snow fall being unpredictable, virtually at any time of day, drivers are often called to get out with the snow plows late and at the last minute. Always inherently dangerous to operate  these very large heavy trucks in bad weather with poor visibility.

The major reasons for snow plow accidents on roads include:

  • Drivers fatigued, sleepy, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired
  • Drivers improperly trained
  • Drivers speeding or not taking necessary precautions
  • Poor visibility in bad winter weather
  • Distracted motorists & pedestrians who don’t paying attention and cause hazards
  • Roads that are not salted or otherwise slippery
  • Snow plows that are improperly maintained
  • Following too close
  • Improper passing
  • Improper lane change
  • Blind spot accident

The job of a snow plow driver is inherently burdensome. Plow drivers work irregular and long hours that occur at very late or early hours of the day, sometimes without proper notice. On top of that, shifts can be long, and of course weather and road conditions are guaranteed to be somewhat treacherous. For these reasons, it’s incredibly important that drivers stay engaged, alert, and attentive when behind the wheel to avoid a snow plow accident.

If you have been injured in an accident with a snow plow, your lawyer will help determine the cause of the collision. An experienced truck crash attorney can help investigate if your injuries are due to the driver, a third party responsible for proper driver hiring and training, another car or pedestrian, even all of the above.

Stay Alert on Winter Roads

Driving in snowy winter conditions is stressful for anyone. Before you get behind the wheel, there are ways you can help prevent snow plow accidents for you and other drivers. For example:

  • Always keep your headlights turned on. Avoid being hit by a snow plow by ensuring that your vehicle is visible. Snow p low drivers sit up higher from the road, so having your lights on especially helps them to identify oncoming traffic and to stay alert to avoid snow plow accidents.
  • Clear all snow from your windows vehicle. Don’t just clear the windshield, but the side and rear windows too. If you leave any snow, frost, or ice on your car windows, it will likely drift off and land on another driver’s windshield, obstructing their view and causing dangerous driving conditions for everyone on the road. To avoid snow plow crashes or any kind of collisions, clean all ice and snow off your car before getting on the road.
  • Avoid driving during a snow storm. Always the best way to avoid a snow plow accident is stay off. Sometimes emergencies that require leaving your home during inclement weather but remember to use the safety tips before you get on the road. In non-emergency situations, the safe choice is stay home until the bad weather passes.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Expert Snow Plow Accident Lawyer?

Dedvukaj Law truck accident clients don’t pay anything until we win. This means our law firm works for you on a contingency basis, whereby the law firm is only paid if we wins money damages for you. Our law firm always makes it possible for anyone injured to hire the best snow plow accident lawyer and ensure they get the best possible legal representation.

Rarely is there anything more devastating than getting into a wreck with large heavy truck like a snow plow. Your injuries may be life changing or deadly, and medical expenses can amount to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your no-fault auto insurance may not cover all of your expenses, and you may have difficulty just trying to get back to back on your feet. We are here to help you. If you’ve been injured in a snow plow accident, you should not wait to pursue your rights.

Hire an Expert Snow Plow Accident Attorney

Our local personal injury law firm has been handling accident cases involving large trucks like snow plows for decades, so our experience and knowledge is unmatched. We know what it takes to get you the maximum financial recovery.

Dedvukaj Law is a family-run law firm. We give your snow plow accident case the full power of our entire trucking accident team, and we’ll work together to achieve the best possible result for you. In addition to advocating for you in negotiations and in the courthouse, we will be your resource to guide you through this difficult time in your life.

Call today toll free 1-866-HIRE-JOE or fill out our contact form to start your case.

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