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Auto Accident 11.01.2021

Did A Car Accident Cause Low Back Sciatic Nerve Pain?

What If I Have A Low Back Injury Causing Sciatic Pain?  

Car accidents and slip and fall accidents are well known to cause low back injuries that lead to sciatic nerve pain. If you’ve experienced sciatica, or sciatic pain, you probably looked for a personal injury lawyer to help to get your medical bills paid, time missed from work, and holding those responsible accountable. Your probably looked for way to relieve the debilitating sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. The sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and branches off to each leg. If the sciatic nerve may be pinched, irritated or too much pressure is placed the sciatic nerve, often because of a herniated disc, you may feel significant pain somewhere along the nerve pathway.

How Will My Car Accident Related Sciatic Nerve Pain Be Treated?

The treatments vary and can be different because the pain symptoms may vary from person to person. However, in addition to therapy and nerve block injection, victims of car accident may do the following to ease the pain of sciatica or minimize future flare-ups. Check out the following ways to reduce sciatic nerve pain :

1. Avoid sitting too long. Sciatic nerve pain can be aggravated if you sit one position too long. Sometimes taking short but frequent standing and walking breaks can provide some sciatic nerve pain relief.
2. Exercise regularly. Exercise in the form of Yoga or Pilates can help with sciatic nerve pain.
3. Perform Stretches. Performing stretches involving your hips and leg can relieve sciatic nerve pain.
4. Apply hot and cold packs. Hot and cold therapy at home can help manage sciatic symptoms. Heat promotes blood flow and may relax tight muscles.
5. Watch your posture. Your sciatica symptoms can flare up with poor posture. Taking the pressure off your back while seated by using back support. If lifting try to keep the object close to your body and use your legs instead of your back.
6. Use anti-inflammatory medications. In some people household over-the-counter medications csuch as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen and naproxen, can provide some relief. NSAIDs tend to reduce your pain by calming inflammation in your sciatic nerve. Using any medication too long cannot be good for you, so using anti-inflammatory meds d only when your sciatica flares up is better. Always consult a physician before you use any medication.
7. Diet to appropriate weight. If you are overweight, the extra weight can put a strain on your spine. You should  try to shed extra pounds to help improve your sciatica symptoms.
8. Seek out the help of a specialist.

Sometimes, physical therapy and pain management fail to provide meaningful benefit or total relief. If your sciatica is relentless or severe enough, or if you develop more serious symptoms such as numbness or weakness in your legs, you should follow-up with spine specialist for possible surgical intervention. Our personal injury lawyers always emplain your responsibility to mitigate your damages by seeking the appropriate medical professionals.

Free Consultation With Experienced Sciatic Nerve Injury Lawyers

Our experienced sciatic nerve personal injury lawyers are familiar with sciatic nerve pain and various treatments use to help clients regain their independence. We are happy to review your sciatic nerve auto accident injury claim case to develop an individualized strategy to make those responsible for hurting you pay the compensation you need and deserve after a car accident injury.  
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