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Auto Accident 10.19.2021

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Communicating with the Insurance Adjuster

If you were hurt in a car accident, bus accident, truck accident, or pedestrian accident caused by another motorist, you have to be careful about what you divulge to anyone including your own insurance company about your claim. Your own insurance company’s claim adjuster is a skilled investigator, capable of twisting, hiding, and omitting information in conversations you which could translate into destructive evidence used against your personal injury claim.

Let’s take a look at a several common mistakes you should avoid when communicating with an insurance company on your own:

1. Don’t Let The Adjuster Record the Conversation

If the insurance adjuster contacts you, you may be asked to give permission to record the conversation. Despite any assurance you may be given about the appropriateness of the recorded statement, the adjuster is prepared to ask you questions, which you may not be ready to answer. Your answers can be used to dispute your claim. Therefore, we always recommend to our clients that until we’ve had a chance to investigate the accident and assess your injuries, you could risk giving incorrect statements that may hurt your case. For instance, you may mistakenly minimize the extent of your injuries, contradict physical evidence in your claim, or inadvertently say something or forget something suggesting you are at fault for causing the crash.

2. You Should Keep Notes

After an accident, you should make a personal injury journal notes as soon as possible so you can refresh your recollection and remember the details accurately. You should be writing down your version of the accident, doctors you have seen and the reasons, and keep a daily journal of the progress of your injuries, and document any conversations with the claims adjuster you had. Always keep any written communication, and emails, so you can refer back to these records if any problems arise during your claim.

3. Carefully Discuss Medical History

During communication with the insurance adjuster, you may be asked you about your medical history, treatment, and recovery progress. Unfortunately, the adjuster is not concerned about your health since they usually search for evidence to dispute your claim. If you ever so much is smell something fishy, you should end the conversation politely and seek the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

4. Don’t Admit Fault

After an accident, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, and anxiety, especially if you are in pain or disabled. In this emotional state of mind, it’s easy to say something to a skilled special investigations adjuster that could compromise your case . For instance, it may seem like you were responsible for causing the accident, prompting you to admit fault without knowing the details of the accident, scene evidence or eyewitness account. Our investigation into the crash scene and circumstances could show that you were not at fault or maybe even just partially at fault. For instance, the other motorist may have rear-ended you, and pushed you into traffic, which would certainly mean you are not at fault for the traffic that hit you. Therefore, you should never admit to being at fault until all of the evidence and circumstances causing the crash are investigated. A recorded confession without all of the facts could destroy your rights to recover full and fair compensation.

5. Don’t Agree to an Unfair Settlement

Many times, an insurer will quickly offer a settlement, which you may be tempted to accept because you need the money. However, insurance adjusters generally will low-ball your offer in hopes that you will take it. You will have no idea how much your case is worth. A skilled personal injury attorney will investigate cause of the collision and the nature and extent of your damages. Sometimes the personal injury lawyer will consult with expert witness to determine the truth about some disputed aspect of your claim so that full and fair compensation for your losses can be secured. An experienced personal injury lawyer is able to evaluate the insurer’s offer to determine if it is fair and reasonable. You skilled personal injury attorney knows how to negotiate a favorable outcome.

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