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Auto Accident 10.19.2021

6 Tips for Maximizing the Compensation For Your Truck Accident Claim

If you have been hurt in a big truck crash, you may feel overwhelmed and you know you family’s financial security is threatened. You are probably already receiving medical bills and missed time from work. Your financial losses will start to add up quickly.  

In Michigan, victims of large truck accidents are entitled to compensation, and it’s up to them make the proper request by bring forth enough evidence for both their PIP no fault claim and bodily injury liability claim. Navigating the process can be tricky because the law is complex and minor errors could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you were hurt in a semi truck crash and you want to seek the maximum possible compensation, here are a few specific tips to put together a winning strategy for your claim:

1. Get Legal Help

All too often, more than one party is responsible for your injuries, and neglecting any possible responsible party to recover you damages compensation could mean getting considerably less than you deserve. Thus, an experienced truck accident lawyer make every possible effort to find all parties responsible when fighting your case.

2. Documenting Economic Damages

To make your large truck accident claim successful, you will need to prove the actual losses you sustained to receive compensation for the losses. Therefore, it’s vital to preserve all documentation related to your injury expenses.

In Michigan, truck accident victims generally may seek money damages for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Wage Loss
  • Property damage
  • Medical transportation
  • Reasonably necessary housekeeping replacement services
  • Attendant care nursing performed by anyone; and
  • Injury related home and vehicle modifications.

3. Keep a Personal Injury Notes

Michigan allows you to recover money compensation for non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, depression, post-traumatic stress, and emotional/psychological distress. Keeping a daily journal to fully documenting with accuracy how you have been affected by your injuries can help maximize your compensation.

You could start keeping journal notes as soon possible, describing all of the ways that your injuries affected your quality of life and the pain you are going through daily. Don’t put your personal private feelings in the journal because your journal may be used in court. In addition to your medical records, the journal notes of your injuries will be a powerful source to maximize your compensation. With the proper foundation the journal notes can be admitted as evidence in Michigan as past recollection recorded or present sense impression.

4. Direct All Correspondence to Your Truck Accident Legal Team

After you hire an expert truck accident lawyer, you should direct all insurance adjusters to your lawyer’s truck accident law firm. Insurance adjusters are experienced in manipulating claimants into take a quick and unfair payout for their injuries. If you don’t talk to them directly they won’t have the opportunity to manipulate you.

5. Adhere to Doctor’s Orders

Like other auto personal injury claimants, you’re going to have an obligation to mitigate damages. That means following all reasonable medical advice is important.

If your doctor tells you to rest, such as, you shouldn’t return to a physically demanding work because you could injury yourself. Otherwise, you could be found responsible for any aggravation of injuries that could occur, and in the state of Michigan, that will reduce your final compensation award. The Great Lake’s State has a comparative fault law, which means the plaintiff’s own fault offsets the defendant’s liability, but if you are more than 50% at fault you are completely barred from receiving noneconomic compensation.

6. Speak with a Michigan Truck Accident Attorney

At Joseph Personal Injury Lawyers, we help injured people make their lives whole again. If your everyday life was shattered in any way because of someone else behavior, we’ll help you put together the strongest compensation claim possible so you can hopefully hold them accountable.

Call 248-352-2110 or toll free at 1-866-4447-3563 or complete our Contact Form to schedule a free no obligation consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Michigan. We give you the no win, no fee guarantee. 

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