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Auto Accident 9.29.2021

What Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet?

As motorcycle accident attorney that has been riding a superbikes like Ducati 996 motorcycle on Michigan roads for the better part of his adult life, the helmet is the most important safety equipment.

Michigan roads are some of the most beautiful to ride your motorcycle on. We understand that riding a motorcycle takes skill and experience. Motorcyclists need to take serious safety precautions, to ensure their own safety because cars and trucks will not. It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced rider when it comes to a motorcycle accident. Many times, the result is catastrophic, and life changing motorcycle accident for the motorcyclist. After all, the people riding motorcycles are human beings sharing the road with cars, buses, and large trucks because a motorcycle is far less crashworthy. We know the motorcyclist is at a disadvantage because the motorcycle is significantly smaller and weighs less than other vehicles on Michigan roads and highways. Unfortunately, the motorcycle rider is at higher risk of injury. We know from statistics published by the Insurance Information Institute that auto accidents involving motorcycles result to worse injuries than other vehicles involved. As a motorcycle accident lawyer, we know motorcycles require safety gear. You should never ride a motorcycle in shorts, flip flops, tank tops, or without a proper helmet. You need to use high quality motorcycle safety equipment to protect yourself and your passenger in the event of a motorcycle accident.

What motorcycle gear is necessary for safe riding?

In most situation, the motorcycle rider knows that good quality riding boots are necessary, protective clothing like leather pants and jacket, but the most important piece of equipment is a motorcycle helmet. In Michigan anyone riding on a motorcycle younger than 21 years of age must wear a helmet. In most states riding a motorcycle without helmet is illegal. Well ok, but what makes a  motorcycle helmet the best out of all the options available on the market? What helmet will actually keep you safe in event you are in a motorcycle crash? In depends on whether you are riding a motorcycle on public roadways or racing a motorcycle. The answer is not an easy one, but motorcycle helmet technology has developed over the years. Most experts generally agree that not wearing a helmet greatly increases the chance of being seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. We also know that motorcycle helmets save lives or protect riders from being permanently injured. Tragically, too many motorcyclists die in crashes that would have lived had they been wearing a helmet.

Helmets are rated annually by various organizations

The U.S. Department of Transportation has established federal standard for Motorcycle helmets for use on public roads and highways in the United States. The DOT does not “approve” helmets. The DOT requires helmet manufacturers to certify that each model sold in the US meets the DOT standard. The DOT rating that is in effect now is the federal standard FMVSS 218. A Snell sticker indicates an even more rigorous standard than DOT. Snell certification does not necessarily make helmet better for ordinary street use. Be careful when you buy because stickers are easily faked. Don’t buy a knock-off on the internet. You should buy from an authorized helmet retailer.

Here are some helmets that are highly rated for your consideration:

  1. 6D Helmets ATS-1R Rogue Street Helmet-White/Black-XL- This helmet has a 5-star rating, The system used reduces energy transfer to the head and brain even more than before. 6D claims this makes the R even lighter. Basically, 6D has tiny springs wedged between two EPS liners, which 6D claims offers unsurpassed security. See test reviews here.
  2. AGV K6 – The Italians have always known to make a good quality helmet. AGV’s helmet technology is focused everyday use. AGV makes a super light carbon and aramid fiber shell that is sculpted into an aerodynamic shape that works well on any kind of motorcycle. The oval shape and four shell sizes deliver an excellent choice for a snug fit. A luxury Ritmo and Shalimar fabric interior has moisture-wicking technology, its removable and quiet. The shield can easily be swapped out.
  3. Shoei Neotec II Modular Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is great practical and convenient everyday street helmet.. Shoei made this Neotec II intermediate oval shape and is one of the best. Shoei has tweaked this helmet in wind tunnel to improve aerodynamics, making it quieter, and improved ventilation.
  4. Arai Regent-X Sensation Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is one of Rai’s best in terms of helmet safety and quality. The new-for-2020 Regent X is designed around a new shell with smooth shape. The Regent X  is plush, comfortable, and easy to get on and off your head. The new reinforcing Hyper Ridge and VAS shield system  lower the center of gravity. The Regent X surpass both DOT and Snell safety standards. The Regent is pricey, but every Arai is handmade in Japan.

You should research your motorcycle helmet before you buy, because helmet options vary depending on the intended use. Pick the helmet that offers the best protection.


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