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Auto Accident 1.23.2022

Unsafe Lane Change Accidents Are Preventable

In Michigan. if you error by moving into an occupied lane without checking to see if a car is in the lane next lane you or you pass a car without checking for oncoming traffic. In a split second, you will find out you have been involved in a catastrophic car lane change crash, which is one of the main causes of car accidents.

What does “unsafe lane change” mean?

Unsafe lane change means you changed lanes without looking in your blind spot, failed to signal or you signaled after you began the lane change. Unsafe lane change can also happen when a vehicle suddenly swerves or moves into a lane where the following car was cut-off, forced to brake in order to make room, or even brake too hard in order for the following vehicle to increase following distance to avoid a rear-end accident.

How does unsafe lane change happen?

An unsafe lane change can happen when you make a lane change too fast in bad road conditions or for the size of the vehicle being driven. The improper lane change meaning encompasses basically any unsafe lane change behavior that may lead to an accident that potentially could results in devastating injuries after a crash.

How to prevent unsafe lane changes?

Whenever operating a motor vehicle and using the vehicle’s mirrors, it’s extremely important to look over in the direction you intend to go whether it be in the left or right to make sure there is no one in your blind spot before making a lane change. Changing lanes can become even more difficult depending on road conditions such as amount of traffic and weather conditions.

If you drive a semi- tractor trailer or other larger vehicle, it might be a good idea to install proper blind spot proof rearview technologies such as (convex) mirrors based on NHTSA visibility research so that lane looking and seeing in your blind spot can be done to make lane changes safely. Buying a car or truck equipped with driver assistance sensor technologies can help prevent a lane change accident.

What are some examples of unsafe lane changes?

Unsafe lane changes occur due to the following driver error:

  • Failed to make sure there is no vehicle next to you before changing lanes or any coming towards you if you are passing another vehicle
  • Failed to signal before making a lane change
  • Straddling two lanes such as driving on two lanes for an extended period of time
  • Merging into highway traffic when others in the lane have the right of way

How to prevent unsafe lane changes?

It is fairly easy to prevent an unsafe lane change and avoid accidents, by using common sense rules of the road. It just takes knowing how to make a safe lane change instead of a risky one. The following are a few basic safe lane changing rules to help you avoid accidents by merging safely:

  • Always use your turn signals.
  • Only change lanes one lane at a time.
  • Never changed lanes when there is a solid line separating lanes
  • Don’t speed to change lanes
  • Don’t cut off traffic when changing lanes
  • Don’t change lanes in an intersection or immediately before entering an intersection

Your driving safety knowledge of the basic rules of the road and using some defensive driving tips  will help you to avoid being involved in a car crash that are preventable lane change related motor vehicle accidents.

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