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Auto Accident, Personal Injury 1.03.2022

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Thoughts About Common After Car Accident Procedures to Follow – Personal Injury Accident Lawyers – Free Accident Consultation

What car accident procedure should I follow after a car accident? What you need to know.

When you’re in a car accident and not seriously hurt, you need to act to prevent further damage or injury. The basic steps to be taken in any car or big truck accident are as follows:

Protect the accident area – if you are involved in the car accident, the first common practice you should follow after an accident at the crash scene is to keep another accident from happening in the same spot. To protect the accident area you should have taken the following steps:

  • Try to get to the side of the road away from traffic. If your vehicle is drivable, you should help prevent another accident and allow traffic to move freely. On the other hand, if you’ve stopped to help, park away from the accident crash scene. The area immediately around the accident scene will be needed for emergency vehicles.
  • Put on your car hazard flashers – You should always use the emergency alert flashers in your vehicle, so others know to be extra careful. If you have reflective triangles set them out to warn other traffic. Make sure you placed them so other drivers can see them in time to avoid the accident.
  • Notify authorities – If you carry a cell phone or other communication device, call for assistance before you get out of your vehicle. If not, wait until after the accident scene has been properly protected by first responders, then phone the police or send someone to phone the police. You should determine where you are so you can give the police the exact location.
  • Care for the car accident injured – Only if you are a qualified person, at the accident scene, and decide to help the injured people involved in the car accident. Otherwise, stay out of the way unless you are asked to assist. Do your best to help any injured parties without putting yourself in danger. 

What are some common steps taken to help someone hurt in a car accident? 

Here are some common simple steps taken while giving assistance to someone injured in a car accident:

  • Don’t move a severely injured person unless the danger of fire or passing traffic makes it necessary
  • If heavy bleeding is apparent try to stop heavy bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound
  • Keep the injured person warm

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