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Personal Injury 11.04.2021

Is Zoom Technology Working For Personal Injury Lawyers?

Is Zoom Technology Working For Personal Injury Lawyers?

In 2020-2021 personal injury lawyers and their clients became familiar with the use of a new is remote technology, such as the wildly popular video conferencing software, Zoom.  This type of technology is now being routinely used by judges in Courts to conduct a variety of hearings, scheduling conferences, and other pre-trial motions in personal injury cases.  Lawyers and their clients are using remote video conferencing technology for depositions and mediations in pending personal injury cases.  Personal injury attorneys adapted quickly to the use of Zoom for depositions and mediations in personal injury cases and 2022 should see this trend continue. The advantages of Zoom video conference technology:

  1. Easy to use clients can sign onto the app by downloading the software and clicking the link to join.
  2. Reduces Covid-19 variant virus exposure.  
  3. Saves money in terms of travel expenses.
  4. Reliable platform for taking testimony.
  5. Plenty of room for participants.
  6. Great tools for paid plans include user grouping and management, breakout rooms for pocket meetings, admin dashboard, recording with transcript, sharing and chat logging, among others.
  7. Video quality is great.9. Access anywhere there is a connection with phone, laptop or computer.10. Improves productivity and efficiency

What Are Some Zoom Technology Disadvantages For Personal Injury? 

The disadvantages of Zoom technology for personal injury lawyers can be: 

  1. Not as personable. 
  2. Unable to see what the witness has in front of them or in the room.
  3. Lack ability to see witnesses mannerism and demeanor. 
  4. Lawyer improper coaching in room with witness or texting answers or communication during witness testimony. 

These are some dangers and disadvantages in taking the deposition of witnesses using Zoom conferencing technology.

What Are Some Disadvantages and Dangers For Zoom Jury Trial? 

Zoom has been tested for some jury trials, but the dangers far out weigh the benefits in using Zoom for jury trials for the following reasons: 

  1. Jurors would not pay attention; 
  2. Demeanor of witnesses can be seen better in person.
  3. Not able to see what the juror is doing during trial. 4. Jurors do not tend to take the case seriously using Zoom.
  4. Court are not able to see who is in the room or influencing the juror. 
  5. Judges are not able to monitor or control the juries activities during trial.
  6. Others could be present in the room with the juror. 
  7. Juror distraction during trial such as family, friends, cell phone, computer messages, etc.
  8. Inability to keep jury integrity safe.
  9. Loss of Zoom connecting or sound by any juror or participant would delay or cause mistrial.

Our law firm would vehemently object to jury trial using Zoom technology because of these numerous dangers and disadvantages. Bottom line is Zoom technology used in the pandemic era has changed our lives in the legal community for the better to a great extent, Zoom appears to have been embraced by all participants in civil litigation at least to some extent. A cost benefit analysis will need to be done on a case by case basis, depending on the specific circumstances, know the risks and dangers of using Zoom conferencing in personal injury litigation.  Zoom technology appears to  be here to stay in civil litigation, but I would not want nor recommend a jury trial using Zoom technology because of the disadvantages and dangers outlined above. 

The Joseph Dedvukaj law firm has used Zoom technology during the pandemic to the advantage and benefit of our clients and participants in many different kinds of personal injury matters including auto accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, construction injuries, slip and falls, no fault insurance claims etc. 


At the Joseph Dedvukaj Firm we have the experience, skill and common sense in taking advantage of modern technology to maximize your injury compensation after you have been injured in any kind of accident. 

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