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Auto Accident 12.11.2021

Importance of Medical Care After A Car Accident

Our Warren MI lawyers will demand the money you deserve

When you are involved in a car accidents in Michigan the crash often results in serious injuries. In these cases, it’s critical that you get the medical care you need to help heal your car accident injuries. If you don’t get medical help, you might not get better. Or your medical condition caused by the car wreck might even get worse.

Fortunately, you’re don’t have to be alone. Our experienced Warren car accident injury lawyers at The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm can help you every step of the way. Our attorneys have more than 27 years of experience in Michigan working with people injured in car accidents. As your lawyer, we will go extra mile to demand the medical care you deserve is available to you.

Why see a doctor after my car accident?

We know of many reasons why it’s important that you seek medical help immediately after your car accident, including:

  • You could risk doing more harm to yourself.
  • The law requires you to mitigate your damages. In other words, you are legally required to do something to lessen your injuries.
  • Getting medical care, may likely help improve your medical condition.
  • Insurance company adjusters review your medical records after your car accident to see if you were injured or if you complained about any symptoms after a car accident.

If there is no medical treatment evidence for your injury after your car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may try to claim that you were never actually hurt in your crash. This is one excuse; you don’t want them to have for not fairly compensating you for your car accident injury.

Who pays for my medical care for my car accident injury?

In Michigan, your own auto insurance or car insurance of a resident relative will generally pay for medical care related to car accidents. Medical bills can pile up fast, especially if you need surgery or emergency medical care after your crash. Depending on the type of injuries you got in the car accident, your medical expenses could add up to very quickly to thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s critically important for you to get your PIP benefits and get fairly compensated for your excess medical expenses after your accident if you have exhausted PIP coverage payments.

In most cases, your excess medical expenses and excess wage loss will get paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Depending on the facts and circumstances, other insurance may be responsible for compensating you for your crash related injuries and financial damages, including:

  • Your own insurance company if you had uninsured motorist coverage and your injury was caused by a hit and run driver or uninsured driver
  • Your own insurance company if you’re hurt in accident by an underinsured motorist coverage and you had underinsured motorist coverage
  • If a vehicle defect caused your car accident the car manufacturer may be held responsible

Our law firm leaves vigorously pursues justice and compensation you deserve. You can count on us to go the extra mile for you.

What to do if I having trouble getting my car accident medical bills paid?

All too often, car accident injury victims have a difficult time getting their medical bills paid by insurance or if applicable the at fault drivers’ insurance will refuse to pay your excess medical bills or income lost from wages would have earned if you had not been injured. That’s because insurance companies are in the business of making profit so they will do anything to reduce, delay or deny car accident claims.

What to do if your car accident claim has been denied by insurance adjuster? 

We strongly recommend that you to take the following steps:

  • Do not communicate with the insurance company adjuster or whoever denied or rejected your accident claim. Anything you say could be used against you to refuse payment of money you deserve.
  • Do not respond to any communication from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You are better off communicating through a trained lawyer after you have learned your rights.
  • Do not post anything on social media networks about your car accident because it could be taken out of context.
  • Contact our  personal injury law firm as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights.

Insurance companies often try to play games with injury victims after a car accident to cause additional pain and aggravation, so you go away. Insurance companies often try to intimidate people with their investigation and try to find a way to not pay the money you deserve or need for your accident-related medical bills and wage loss.

We stand up to insurance companies every day. We know how to handle insurance companies and find a resolution for your car accident claim. We have negotiated thousands of  claims with them. If insurance company or at fault driver refuse to cooperate, we will not hesitate to file the appropriate car accident lawsuit on your behalf.

We demand justice after your car accident injury and damages. Contact our Warren MI law firm.

You have enough on your hands with your injuries after your car accident. Focus on healing. We can take care of all your matters associated with your claim. Don’t hesitate to call us Contact our law firm at 248-352-2110 or toll free 866-HIRE-JOE and schedule your free case evaluation with a Warren car accident injury attorney who puts your needs first. We’re always here to fight for you when you need us most. We have aBBB A+ Rating.

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