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Auto Accident 11.02.2021

How Does A Truck Company Contribute To Accidents?

 A trucking company can be negligent and directly cause or contribute to an accident injury due to improper vehicle maintenance such as brakes, tires, and mechanical parts that can lead to mechanical failure, which could easily be prevented by having a regular maintenance policy implemented.

All too often, however, trucking companies prioritize their profits over public safety and maintenance, thereby endangering the lives of all other drivers on the road. The following list how trucking companies are actively negligent for causing or contributing to large truck injury accidents:

1. Trucking company fails to train drivers appropriately and thoroughly about the following:

  • Truck driver improper driving techniques.
  • Truck driver lack of safety concerns and procedures.
  • Truck driver improper defensive driving tactics and skills.
  • Truck driver lacks understanding of the federal motor carrier safety regulations.

2. Negligent hiring by failing to screen driver applicants by searching for a history tickets and accidents:

  • Truck driver drunk driving and other alcohol or drug-related driving offenses.
  • Truck driver reckless or negligent prior driving convictions.

3. Paying truck drivers (or offering bonuses) for delivering cargo faster:

  • Truck company causing drivers to drive faster and more carelessly to handle more transportation to increase profits.
  • Truck company encouraging drivers to continue driving, even while fatigued to increase delivery profits.
  • Encouraging use of radar detector to evade law enforcement while speeding.  

4. Trucking company makes dangerous driving schedule and expectation:

  • Urge drivers to drive without breaks or rest for long periods to increase profits.
  • Promote reckless and careless driving to increase profits.

5. Truck company fails to install or provide necessary safety equipment on trucks, such as the following:

  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Spare fuses.
  • Warning devices for stopped vehicles.
  • Reflective lights.
  • Undercarriage lights.
  • Traction chains.
  • Failure to provide adequate securement devices for cargo.

 With the right truck accident lawyers, and proper investigation, the trucking company can be held accountable. A trucking company will do everything to escape paying victims of truck accidents.

Contact a Michigan Truck Accident Attorney Today to Evaluate Your Case

Trucking company negligence can have catastrophic consequences on public health and safety. Fortunately, Michigan’s motor carrier safety statute, injured people are entitled to receive compensation for injuries sustained in a truck accident caused or contributed to by the negligence of a trucking company or a truck driver. An experienced truck accident attorney can represent you throughout your case and help you to receive the compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

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