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Auto Accident 2.21.2022

Hamtramck Pothole Almost Swallowed Car

Recently, a pothole had grown so large that it almost swallowed a car in Hamtramck Michigan. Looks like road construction has not caught up with all the potholes that have developed over time on Michigan roads and streets. Significant changes in weather cause potholes to get bigger over time making driving on some Michigan roads extremely hazardous. Because of this, it is important to avoid potholes for a safer ride safely at all times and all times of the year. Although avoiding all potholes is virtually impossible it is necessary to use caution when driving in certain road conditions.

While many car crashes are due to the motorist negligence, in some incidents the wrecks are the result of dangerous or defective roadways. While there are a number of safety measures a driver can take to try to avoid these types of accidents, in most situations the potholes are beyond a driver’s control.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash dangerous conditions on the surface of Michigan roads, you may be questioning whether or not you have any legal recourse for medical bills and missed time at work. An experienced car accident injury lawyers we might be able to help you navigate the defective road claim. By working with us to immediately investigate how an incident happened, a qualified personal injury attorney could determine if you have legal grounds for a civil lawsuit against the entity responsible for maintaining the roadway.


If you are able, it is critical that you take pictures and video of the road hazard. If you don’t take pictures or video, the repairs can be made, and you will need to prove the dangerous and defective conditions on highways and roadways through eye-witnesses. Often, time, place, and location are vital for demonstrating that a defective condition was hazardous. However, if an area of the road is repaired before pictures or video is taken, the repairs receipts, repair orders, and descriptions of the defects repaired can be used as evidence that the condition existing at the time of your injury.

You should also measure the dimension of the pothole, raised cement, or other type of dangerous road condition that caused or contributed to your injuries. While photographs speak a thousand words, the actual measurements of the condition may be better description of the magnitude of the defect that is necessary to prove that a road was hazardous.


Michigan is a no-fault state so your motor vehicle insurance will step in to pay some of the financial losses. However, if you were injured by the hazard on the traveled surface of the road you should be able to also seek pain and suffering compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, it is common for victims of serious injuries caused by the condition of the road that they often don’t understand their rights and how to go about making a claim for compensation. That’s why, you should discuss your legal options with a seasoned accident attorney.

Even if you were a passenger of a motor vehicle and an at-fault driver was negligent on the operation of the vehicle, such as traveling too fast for the road conditions, you may still be able to pursue compensation for losses through a civil claim for damages. Similarly, if you crashed because of a dangerous condition on Michigan roads, you may be able to hold the governmental agency responsible for failing to maintain the road and allowing the poor condition of the road to develop.

Regardless of the circumstances, there are a number of different legal options available for victims of car crashes to pursue for financial compensation. After all, this is why auto insurance exists. Don’t try to navigate this complex are of the law alone. You may be best served to discuss any potential claims with an experienced attorney at The Joseph Dedvukaj Firm, P.C. 

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