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Auto Accident 12.02.2021

Drunk Driving Accident Technology To Prevent My Drunk Driver Car Accident?

According to NHTSA, approximately10,000 people die every year in the US from drunk driving accidents. Automobile manufacturers have been installing smarter sensors and camera technology to monitor driver behavior, so it makes sense to explore more technology driven solutions that could help prevent drunk driving accidents. Smart     technology in vehicles will continue to evolve and become as common as the seatbelt.

U.S. Congress is supercharging the push to stop drunk driving with infrastructure bill. As we previously reported, one of the provisions includes a mandate for anti-drunk driving technology in new vehicles. Recently, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has passed Congress with the drunk driving measure in intact, Autoblog (AP) reports. As part of the new legislation, auto manufacturers will be required to include technology to detect and stop drunk drivers behind the wheel by 2026.

In accordance with the law, the Department of Transportation will have to determine the best solution to reduce intoxicated driving. The new law passed requires technology sensors to passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately determine whether that driver may be impaired. According to the mobility analyst Sam Abuelsamid, the mobility analyst for Guidehouse Insights, the technology could be infrared camera. The infrared technology measures blood alcohol levels under the skin's surface by shining an infrared light through the fingertip of the driver. Currently breathalyzers in an ignition interlock system to punishment convicted drunk drivers.

The infrastructure bill includes other vehicle safety measures, like rear seat reminders that could notify parents about children are left in their car seats. Congress is also requiring automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings technology, which is already in most new cars. These are all accident prevention measures.


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