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Auto Accident 8.16.2021

Do you know What to do when a traffic light is out in Michigan?

In recent years, we have had all kinds of rain, lightning, wind, and ice storms knocking out power to many southeast Michigan intersections. You may be caught in the storm driving and come cross a four-way intersection with the traffic light out.

What do you do as a motorist at four way intersection when the traffic light is out?

Michigan had some complicated and confusing rules until 2018. The legislature recognized the safest way to handle a traffic light out of power, is to treat it as a four-way stop.

In 2018, the Michigan legislature ended the confusion and enacted a new law MCLA 257.649(4) requiring every motorist to treat a traffic light outage at an intersection as a four-way stop. You should immediately stop at the intersection; 2. Yield to vehicles that will be an immediate hazard to you; and 3. Exercise ordinary care when driving through the intersection. Common sense ordinary care would dictate that vehicles should take turns entering the intersection, depending on who arrived at the intersection first. You should also report traffic signals that are out to your local 911 emergency hotline.

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Unfortunately, car accidents at four way intersections are all to frequent. If you have been injured in an auto accident at any intersection, whether the traffic signal was working or not, you can get your questions answered free by an expert auto accident lawyer by calling 248-352-2110 or Toll Free 1-866-HIRE-JOE. You can also get a free No-Fault insurance consultation by contacting an insurance lawyer using our website chat window.

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