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Auto Accident 2.19.2022

Do I have A Case if I am Injured because another Driver Failed to Yield?

Michigan motor vehicle accidents occur due to many different driver mistakes. In many circumstances, accidents occur when another driver makes a mistake or fails to properly follow all traffic safety rules while applying the laws of the road. When a driver error involves failure to follow the laws of the road, a court will likely find his or her behavior to be negligent and will often hold that driver responsible for any qualifying injuries or losses that resulted from the negligence.

Failure To Yield Mistakes

One common mistake that drivers make is failing to properly yield to other coming vehicles or pedestrians crossing. Vehicle drivers are usually required by law to yield in the following traffic scenarios:

  • At intersections or four-way stops
  • Before making left-hand or right-hand turns for oncoming traffic
  • For pedestrians in crosswalks
  • While trying to merge from a smaller road or ramp onto highway
  • While entering a busy road or street from a private lane or driveway
  • When emergency vehicles have emergency lights on or sound their alarms

Although failing to yield in any of the above circumstances may result in a car accident, failure to yield auto accidents most frequently occur in intersections. In some cases, especially during a power outage, the drivers at a four-way stop may not understand which car has the right of way to go through the intersection first. Additionally, a driver making a right turn may disregard a sign or traffic light or even simply be momentary distracted driver by a lapse in concentration and may lead to fail to yield to oncoming traffic vehicles collision. Furthermore, when a driver is making a turn at the corner of an intersection, he may not notice he will be driving over a crosswalk and may fail to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk trying to cross the street.

Because failing to yield most often happens in intersections, it frequently results in a T-bone or broadside accidents, in which the front of one car collides with the side of another car. Broadside accidents often cause serious injuries since a door of a car provides inadequate protection for motorists than a front or rear bumper or crumple zone protected structural area of the car. Furthermore, pedestrians who are struck by a car have the least amount of protection and, therefore, often suffer crippling or devastating injuries

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