Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits for the first time after you are no longer able to work due to some kind of disability, and often you can do so without any attorney advice or assistance. In some cases, the Social Security Administration’s review results in benefits being completely denied due to an error on the application or because the disabled person does not understand the process of obtaining benefits.

If you have questions or need legal consultation, feel free to contact our law firm to speak to an attorney about your particular facts and circumstances. In addition to handling cases involving Social Security Disability claims, we help clients in applying for Supplemental Security Income.

Needless to say, understanding the Social Security Administration’s process for approval of claims is very important. This is true for anyone applying for benefits and anyone going through the appeal process. In the social security claim, the person applying must meet the definition of ‘Disabled”, as well as qualifying under the earnings credits. The Social Security Administration sets the requirements that must be met.

It is critical to have a claim that is supported medical evidence and organized. Consulting an experienced social security disability attorney can be very important to the success of your claim. Call us today, for a free initial consultation.