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Since 1992, the Law Offices of Joe Dedvukaj has offered quality representation to Michigan residents that are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Workers that have paid into the Social Security system are entitled to these benefits if they have a disability that prevents them from working. Michigan Social Security & disability attorney Joe Dedvukaj is dedicated to helping persons with disabilities attain the SSDI benefits that they deserve.

Qualifying for SSDI Benefits

To qualify for SSDI benefits, certain work requirements must have been met. SSDI benefits are reserved for workers that paid into the Social Security system by working a certain number of taxable hours. Moreover, for a disability to qualify it must fit within the “Listing of Impairments” established by the Social Security Administration. These requirements are complex, and sometimes whether a disability qualifies is unclear. It is crucial for claimants to present medical and vocational (work history) evidence in a legally persuasive way.

Typically, the government will deny benefits in these cases when claims are first made. Therefore, gaining benefits often requires going through an appeals process. Navigating the administrative rules and clearing the evidentiary burdens at an administrative hearing can be difficult to do without an attorney. A Social Security and disability attorney can help.

An experienced attorney will understand the legal burden that you need to meet, will be knowledgeable of the procedural rules you need to follow, and will know how to present your care to the administrative law judge in a compelling way. At the Law Offices of Joe Dedvukaj, we are dedicated to leveraging our experience and using our sophisticated knowledge of the law to do all of these for our clients.

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If you need assistance attaining the benefits that you need and deserve, Michigan social security & disability attorney Joe Dedvukaj is here to help. Attaining benefits isn’t always easy, and relying on an experienced attorney is often necessary. The Law Offices of Joe Dedvukaj is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and serves residents throughout the state. If you think that you could be entitled to SSDI benefits, we will help you understand and navigate your claim. Call us today at (248) 352-2110 for a free consultation.